Frequently Asked Questions About is an image sharing website designed with the user in mind. We are here to provide the best service for the lowest cost (free). Put simply, we are more than happy to allow you a free and quick image sharing platform. was created by Adam Shannon. It is ran by him at a fairly low cost due to his large hosting package. You can contact him at any time. was created out of anger at other image hosting sites, some are covered in ads, some are horrible to navigate and some are just plain slow. is the simplest image hosting site on the web. We are here for one thing, image hosting and sharing. We will NEVER try to get you to do anything else on the site, we don't even record your IP address. was created with PHP. PHP has always been a good language to use, and it's farily simple to code with. has a few features, we offer image hosting, image reporting, and an API. We have more features in the works.

We will NEVER (ever) place visual ads on, if the hosting costs become to much for me to pay I may place text ads on the site, but only after a user poll and public vote. This is not my site, it's ours.

Simply, don't upload anything that will be removed. I don't want to waste time deleting images that are not allowed, and you don't want to re-upload images daily. Just keep it clean, You can read more here.

Due to the increased traffic and more images being upload, I have started to store uploads. The only information that is saved are: (`id`, `path`, `ip`, `time`, `date`). The id is a numeric (auto incrementing) id to number each upload. The path is everything after '', which is used to track the physical location of each image. The IP is your Internet Protocol address, and the time/date are the standard measures of time.

As of 2010-01-01 we are now storing IP's as a sha1 hash function of your IP, this means that we're no longer storing your IP in plain text (e.g. it's now stored as something like 4b84b15bff6ee5796152495a230e45e3d7e947d9, that string is not reversible and not trackable.

This information is only stored to prevent any spammers from uploading multiple violating images. If you wish for your information to be removed, please contact me via the report form.